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Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire  by  Frank Viola

Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire by Frank Viola
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Frank Viola offers a clear, concise, and penetrating response to the harshest expression of hard cessationism today, while at many points also inviting readers to greater biblical fidelity and a deeper walk with Christ.Craig Keener, Professor of New Testament at Asbury Seminary“Strange Fire has re-ignited a debate among Christians that will likely never be fully resolved this side of heaven. But the dialogue need not be characterized by angry and divisive rhetoric.

While we should all aim for theological clarity and understanding, we should as readily be concerned for Christ-like charity and unity. Frank Viola’s insightful analysis of MacArthur’s rejection of charismatic theology and practice should contribute immensely to our growth in grace and a deeper understanding and experience of the Spirit’s work in the church today.

One need not agree with Viola on every point to profit greatly from this work.”Sam Storms, Ph.D., Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City, OKWhat a great, edifying read! This is not only an effective, concise rebuttal to Pastor MacArthurs Charismatic Chaos and Strange Fire, but it presents a Jesus-exalting, faith-building case for the continuance of the New Testament gifts of the Spirit, replete with excellent, inspirational quotes.Michael L.

Brown, Ph.D., author of Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthurs Strange Fire (December, 2013)Strange Fire has ignited a debate on the issue of Christian experience that at times has generated more heat than light. Frank Violas contribution avoids the unhelpful rhetoric of some, and demonstrates his biblical convictions. Viola rejects the extreme views of many who are charismatics or cessationists.

This critique will definitely help you understand the perspective of one who could be called a moderate charismatic.Adrian Warnock, adrianwarnock.com

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